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Your Astrologer and Ecopsychologist


We exist within a field of vast and diverse potentials. Astrology, Human Design, and nature-based spiritual practices offer pathways to heal traumas and cultivate presence in our lives. Considering our story within these modalities helps us claim our unique place in the world. This is a place of safety to explore and create your story, the story that attracts the events and opportunities that are your birth right. I’d be honored to be your companion on that journey.

You either have the life you want, or the reasons why not.

Work with the forces of Nature to heal, gain clarity on the themes of your life, and take actions that move you ever closer to the life you desire.

Archetypal Astrology Reading

What insights and guidance can you receive by learning about your personal astrology and current planetary transits?

Introduction to
Human Design

Explore your Type, Strategy, and Authority within the Human Design system in this introductory conversation.

Personalized Spiritual Practices

Using your astrology, Human Design, and dream images to explore spiritual practices to best serve your healing and evolution.

Work With Me

Whether you are needing a one-time look at your story through these modalities, or you are seeking a more in-depth relationship to navigate the growth you desire, there are services at Lorrie Season to be that longed for companion for what can be a solitary journey.

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