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You either have the life you want or the reasons why not…

~ Barbara Brennan

What are the thoughts and phrases that repeat themselves day in and day out from the moment you rise in the morning to that gentle fall (or utter collapse) into bed at the end of the day? You know, the final thoughts about a remembered kiss or slap, hug or punch, a moment of deep trust or searing betrayal?

For me, these thoughts are potent catalysts, shocking into reality a lived experience that I seek to shape into love, connection, and a never ending experience of unfolding beauty.

For this purpose, I have a revolving cache of aphorisms, affirmations, and mantras that help me be more present to that thought, emotion, reaction cascade we all exist within. Of these, the most powerful is the phrase above. I first came across it while reading Hands of Light by Brarbara Ann Brennan. 

You do, in fact, either have the life you want or the reasons why not.

You see, we all live our own creations. The more conscious awareness we bring that it is all, truly, our own selves generating and attracting the experiences of our lives, the more power and creativity we experience on a regular basis.

There is magic to be experienced in a conscious life well-lived.

Here are the other phrases that help me spiral deeper and deeper into my own powers of creativity:

I am for me. This is a distilled version of this Kundalini chant.

Today is the day I have made, let me rejoice and be glad in it! You may have grown up with this version of the mantra.

Not only do I begin and end my day with reflection and repetition of these three phrases, but I allow them to reinforce a level of radical responsibility for the quality of my own life.

There are several contemplative and spiritual practices that I enjoy to deepen my sense of gratitude and agency in my daily life. They are:

  • Time in Nature, especially with trees.
  • A deep and intimate knowledge of my astrological and Human Design charts and the current planetary transits activating archetypal themes through time.
  • Meditation with sound.
  • Writing and crafts.

The offer…

You see, I have come to know reality as that optical illusion that represents cubes that if seen one way come toward the viewer, and with a shift in glance move to pull away from the viewer. 

This is the world we live in. Too much time spent in the dominant culture and you’ll see those cubes bending toward you with harsh angles and impenetrable edges. Time spent cultivating awareness and gratitude helps shift the focus to see the cubes as if they are inviting entry and exploration.

If you seek to awaken and deepen your self knowledge so that you can become the master of your life story, then I invite you to work with me. You see, it’s your story and you shouldn’t let anyone else tell it!

What is the story of your astrology? Your human design?

What does Nature have to reveal about your place in the intricate matrix of consciousness?

How can meditation and contemplation help you fall in love with yourself?

What artistic expression might arise from this place of self love?

If this is a conversation you’ve been longing for, you’ve found the place to start and I am happy to get you started. Reach out to start the conversation.

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