The Saturn Return | a personal reflection

The time of the Saturn Return is an auspicious moment in our lives. Coming every 27-28 years, the cycles and circumstances of life converge and conspire to let us know the old ways of our habits and personality just aren’t working any longer.

As I begin the re-write of this website and online program, I am at the beginning days of my second Saturn return. This is an introduction to the task master of the solar system and my personal reflection of its impact on my life at this time.

The first time we experience this cycle is obviously in our late 20s. It’s that time when all the childish notions we have about adulthood, and all the ways we think we’re smarter and more capable than our parents come crashing down around us. Relationships end, others begin. Early career choices morph into something more ‘realistic’. Friends exit, often for good.

The habits of adulthood settle in around this time as well. Fitness and nutrition habits, for better or worse, are formed. Hobbies and musical interests coalesce and ignite our personalities. Friends and networks of people populate our weekdays and weekends, reinforcing this sense of our adult selves. By 30, the worst is behind us and we find ourselves firmly in the space of functional adulthood.

For sure, we all know those who opt out of the Saturn return process. They somehow couch surf right into their mid-30s with basically the same habits and personality as they had at 23. They just may look a little worse for wear. There’s will be a different, more drawn out process often taking until the 40’s to culminate.

There are a few reliable transits we’ll hit through the decades as we progress to our second Saturn return: the Pluto square, the Uranus opposition (often called the mid-life crisis), the Chiron return where we learn about the healing journey at the core of this lifetime’s events, Neptune trine and the opportunity to escape into something greater and a bit more ambiguous. The planets keep moving, and our opportunities for healing, growing, and expanding our consciousness reliably appear and reappear.

Then, inevitably, as for me now, comes the second Saturn return.

The second Saturn return

In our late 50s, all the things we did to adult through life have run their cycle. Our children are often well into their adulthood. Career and hobbies don’t quite hold the space in our hearts and minds they once did. Perhaps we just don’t care about them the way we once did to the point of identifying with them. Health crisis, marital troubles, work intrigue – maybe all of the above – and we find ourselves thinking: what am I actually doing with my life now that the horizon of old age seems so much closer than it ever has before?

At the end of 2023 I began an 18-month walk with Saturn that apexes at my Saturn return, but will transit the majority of planets and angular points in my chart igniting a process of evaluation that includes home and family, career and reputation, personality and marriage, relationships with children and creativity, money, and the depth and strength of my emotional body.

Re-framing my online business and reinventing my website are a part of putting the work and responsibility Saturn requires to some useful purpose. I’m glad you are here for that journey!

The archetypal energies of Saturn in astrology

Saturn is a heavy-hitter astrologically. Where we find it in our charts is the place where we will learn about responsibility, discipline, structure. Saturn is time, the specter of death. The great teacher and the grim reaper. 

The more we apply ourselves during a Saturn transit, the more we gain from our efforts. These are not times to coast. Effort – meeting life where it demands the most – is what these times require. It is said, the greater your efforts during a Saturn transit the greater the rewards when  they pass.

My Saturn returns

Saturn is in my 7th house of marriage, intimate one-on-one relationships, contractual arrangements, and open enemies. My first Saturn return found me with 2 children under 5 and a husband slowly going out of his mind. My marriage did not survive my first Saturn return. 

Saturn rules my 5th house where we find creativity, children, and pets among other themes. I find the end of that first marriage and its impacts on my children very present to me at this time. I am in a time of reckoning for my shortcomings at that time. It’s painful.

As many of you may know, Bob had a stroke back in 2021 and I have a life that in many ways centers around his care. Gratefully, he is physically well. It’s his memory and logic that have suffered and so he can’t drive. He also needs help planning for the logistics of daily life. Things are better for each of us and our marriage than they were a year ago, but this is a bit isolating for me, and certainly no fun for Bob! I expect this Saturn return to reveal ways I’m short-shrifting self care for the sake of getting by in the demands of my marriage this time around. We’ll see.

We use astrology to understand the timing of the transits and the archetypal themes they signify so that we can meet the moments of our life with as much love and conscious awareness as possible. I honestly do not know how people navigate life without an astrological context. 

The set up | my Saturn return and personal reflections

In December I had the final pass of Saturn square my Mid-Heaven. Drama at work, drama in my family. Big drama. As for the work I am doing to meet what arose in December in my family, it feels ancestral, epigenetic. The way the women in my family have treated each other through the generations is heartbreaking. I have vowed to use this time to do what I can to heal that wave running through the maternal lines for generations. I’ll be writing more about that in future posts. For now, I‘ll share that my intention is to forgive backward and love forward, as the generations go.

Just surfacing from that hit, I now face Saturn entering the 7th house on February 2nd. Bob has a pretty big doctor’s appointment at that time, so we’ll see what Saturn is serving up in that area.

The first exact conjunction of Saturn to the place it held on the day I was born, the precise definition of the Saturn return by the way, is in early April. There will be a total of three hits before the year ends. If you’ve had a reading with me, you know I refer to these transits as a story with beginning, a middle, and an end. Our response to  the events of the transits sets up the dynamics for the next pass. I alway recommend a dedicated time of processing in the days and weeks immediately after the final pass to gain the most healing from those recent events.

The gift of earth-based spirituality in times of trial

Always, always I turn to the earth and her seasons to ground me in times of jubilation, and buoy me in time of trial. My daily routine includes meditation, breath-work, tree-hugging, journaling, and conscious seasonal meal preparation.

When time allows, I deepen these daily practices with hikes, walking meditation, horticultural therapy.

Both these daily and seasonal practices are supported by my study and interpretation of my astrological chart and human design. I have learned that we can use the dominant energies expressed in these charts to identify the optimal earth-based practices for healing, growth, and unleashing creativity.

This is how I plan to survive 2024, heal into the last 3rd of my life, and awaken my creativity to expand the sense of options I hold for myself in this lifetime.

The invitation

If you find yourself facing cyclical issues in your life – the same dramas, personalities, and personal limitations – over, and over, and over again…why not give an astrological reading a try? It can give you context for your life’s story, where you are in its unfolding, and insights on how to give it a rewrite.

Based on that story, you can identify spiritual practices, often with the support of the natural environment, to heal and grow into a narrative more deserving of your unique brilliance. If you haven’t noticed, these are ‘all hands on deck’ times we are living in. These days require each of us to be performing optimally, meeting the challenge of generational healing and environmental adjustment that will allow for a greater awakening of human consciousness for coming generations.

But, mostly do it for you! You deserve the peace and vitality this level of self-knowledge can offer. Whether it is a time of relative calm in your birth chart, or like mine, a time of tremendous upheaval and reinvention.

You can start by sending me an email or leaving a comment below. Feeling adventurous, or already familiar with your astrological chart? Then, why not just schedule a reading?

4 thoughts on “The Saturn Return | a personal reflection”

  1. The Saturn returns sounds much better than the Fucked up passage of time that is my life now lol.
    I’m feeling it! I watch my two grandbabies about 60 hours a week. I was not ready for the resurfacing of childhood trauma as I take care of them. Im working through it but….damn!

  2. Hi Lorrie,
    I’ll pray for you and your strength during this special time with Bob. I admire all that you are doing.
    Thank you for this webpage, it is so impressive!
    Take care,

    Joan Douglas

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