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What is an astrology reading?

At the moment of your birth the planetary bodies of our solar system held specific locations in the sky from the earth’s point of view. An astrological chart of a map of the sky at just such a specific moment. An astrology reading is an analysis of that map and the relationship those planets have to each other. A reading also includes current planetary transits to those fixed points in the birth chart that indicate archetypal themes active around the time of the reading.

What is earth-based spirituality?

Earth-based spirituality is a collection of practices that focus one’s sense of being and purpose as an integral and essential aspect of the natural world. Contemplative and meditative inquiry into self with the assistance and accompaniment of the natural world provides resilience, creativity, and compassion to those of us seeking consciousness in uncertain times.

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a chart of your personal way of filtering and interacting with energy, information, and creative impulses in this lifetime. It demonstrates how your are designed to be a creative force on the planet in this lifetime. Through Human Design you can identify the ways you have been conditioned away from your authentic expression and how to return to your most authentic and powerful self.

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